Our Vision

About 70 percent of Pakistan’s population dwells in rural or semi- urban environment.

Our Mission

To devise a comprehensive, meaningful, and transparent induction mechanism of students,

Our Objective

The main objective of the College is to prepare Students for Secondary and Intermediate Examinations


Ali Trust College (ATC) is a residential educational institution functioning on the pattern of a cadet College. For purposes of discipline and maintenance of decorum, some of the features of the cadet college paradigm are also followed. ATC is managed under the auspices of Ali Trust Pakistan - a family trust conducting numerous philanthropic projects related to education and healthcare. The noble mission of ATC is to provide quality education with free boarding, lodging, and related facilities to talented/competent students belonging to rural/remote areas of Pakistan.

Talented students are selected from all provinces and regions of the country on the basis of balanced quota vacancies through a two stage examination system. The curricula and educational system is designed to focus on attainment of academic excellence as well as wholesome grooming of personality with particular emphasis on development of sound character traits.

The aim is that by the time students’ graduate from ATC, they would have acquired a solid base of cognitive learning with a well-developed critical faculty and a scientific outlook. Thus imbued with progressive and enlightened thinking, we expect ATC students to make meaningful contributions to society and nation-building.

What We Do

Unlock Your Potential: Invest in Your Future

Learning is the key to unlocking one’s true potential. Investing in your education today can pave the way for a brighter future and help you succeed in all aspects of life.

College Administration

Highly professional administrative staff working in the college that administers the College affairs

College Curriculum

The College follows the syllabus laid down by the Federal Board of Education, Islamabad. The medium of instruction is English.

Students Rules

The aim of education is to guide students in the process through which they shape themselves as humane persons

Daily Routine

In Student Colleges, Daily Routine plays an important role in the best utilization of the available time of a day.

Entrance Examination

Based on quota system, admissions are given / offered in 6th class only. The quota is fixed as under:

Courses Offered

Matriculation/Secondary School Certificate Course English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies


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