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Terms & Conditions for Admission:-

Registration  is made up to 31st December of the respective session. Registered candidates  are called to be examined at their nearest examination centres. The candidates  have to take test in four disciplines i.e. Urdu, English, Maths & Science.  Different skills like composition, comprehension etc are also checked in the  test.


Out Line of Syllabus:
In; preliminary test, Province based syllabus is tested while in final test,  syllabus taught in F.G Schools of Islamabad approved by the curriculum wing of  the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan, is prescribed. Detail is as  under:-

Syllabus for English and Urdu
30 Marks + 30 Marks: 

  • Translation from English to Urdu.
  • Comprehension paragraph having  questions at the end to be answered with the help of given passage. (Seen /  unseen)
  • Re-arrange the jumbled words to make  meaningful sentences.
  • Applied grammar.
  • Writing a paragraph of 10-15 lines on  given topic.
  • Re-translation of Urdu sentences to  English.

Mathematics (Marks -30):

  • Fractions, state mental queries on  fractions.
  • Volume, Area, Perimeter etc.
  •  Practical Geometry square, Triangle, etc

Science (Marks -20):

  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics  related topics are touched in the test as given in the syllabus book of science  for class five.
  • Diagrams to label or to draw.

Fitness of the candidates: -;
The college deems it appropriate to enroll only those  students who are mentally and physically the fittest. As it is a residential  cadet college, the life style is Spartan and fitness matters a lot. A student  who is perfectly fit and enjoys a good health may only come up to the routine  which is followed at the college.


Documents to be submitted:-

  • Prescribed registration form of the Ali Trust College.
  • Certificate showing 5th class pass.
  • B-Form issued by NADRA.
  • CNIC of father / guardian (Photocopy).



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