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  Welcome to Ali Trust College


Ali Trust College (ATC) is a residential educational institution functioning on the pattern of a public school. However, for purposes of discipline and maintenance of decorum, some of the features of the cadet college paradigm are also followed.
ATC is managed under the auspices of Ali Trust Pakistan - a family trust conducting numerous philanthropic projects related to education and health care. The noble mission of ATC is to provide quality education with free boarding, lodging and related facilities to talented / competent students belonging to rural/remote areas of Pakistan. Talented students are selected from all provinces and regions of the country on the basis of balanced quota vacancies through a two stage examination system. The curricula and educational system is designed to focus on attainment of academic excellence as well as wholesome grooming of personality with particular emphasis on development of sound character traits. The aim is that by the time students graduate from ATC, they would have acquired a solid base of cognitive learning with a well developed critical faculty and a scientific outlook. Thus imbued with progressive and enlightened thinking, we expect ATC cadets to make meaningful contribution towards society and nation building.

Message of President Ali Trust Pakistan:
Ali Trust Pakistan (ATP) is a philanthropic setup dedicated to serve the under privileged segments of Pakistani society particularly in the field of education and healthcare. By the Grace of Allah, ATP is currently managing 15 welfare projects in the country with salutary outcomes. A self sustaining family Trust, ATP does not accept any donations from outside.ATC is the flagship of ATP which envisages and promotes fundamental human values free of any religious, sectarian, regional or ethnic biases or any other narrow considerations. It is geared to attain academic excellence, nurture sound character traits and credible patriotic mindset among its students drawn from every nook and corner of the hinterland of Pakistan. Established in 2003, ATC has already made its mark by demonstrating outstanding academic achievements in the Federal Board results. In so doing ATC has become a beacon of light for other educational institutions located in different cities of Pakistan in general and Rawalpindi and Islamabad in particular. The inspiring performance has been made possible owing to the dedicated and integrated team work of teaching faculty, administrative staff and students.ATP does not charge any tuition/boarding-lodging fee from the students. We generate and maintain the requisite educational environment free of cost. The laudable performance of students and commitment to Pakistan is our gain and reward. As President ATP, it is my resolve to financially support the students even for higher studies i.e. beyond intermediate level provided they fulfil the prescribed academic result and admission criteria for admission in public sector engineering and medical colleges/universities.The vision of ATP is egalitarian in substance, especially focused on talented but underprivileged lot of the society. We firmly believe it is this segment which if allowed to rise, would in the ultimate analysis, lift Pakistan towards the path of progress and prosperity. In this noble mission, may Allah be our Protector and Guide. Ameen. Pakistan Zindabad!


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News and Updates
Due to COVID-19 pandemic all cadets and staff members are instructed to stay at home till further notification.
New Dates of Board Examination will be displayed as soon as announced by the Education Department.
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